⚠️ YouTube Is Removing Hebrew Israelite Videos Again… Here’s One Of Them

YouTube has once again removed 2 of the best videos I’ve seen, which reply to claims that we “Negroes can’t be Israelites”. These videos below, were on my “Israelite Proofs” playlist. But I looked just a few moments ago and I see that they have been “hidden” by YouTube…

So here is one of the banned videos for you to review for yourself (I’m still looking for my copy of the other video). If you haven’t fully watched this video below, watch it now before the powers that be, find a way to remove it from my blog🤦🏾‍♂️. Press play:

Let me be the first to say, I know this video is long… but it’s thorough, similarly to Hebrews 2 Negroes. I first watched this compare & contrast reply-styled documentary back in 2017, and I had to watch it in parts over a few days, so you can do the same, watch it in parts; it’s broken up into 5 parts.

Watch it in its entirety first, and then and only then, make up your mind after fact-checking it yourself. I tried to refute it at first myself, and then after fact-checking, I had to face the facts 🤓
I am Pro-Shemitic, not anti-Semitic! I am Pro-Truth, not anti-truth! I am Pro-Christ, not anti-Christ… how about you?

Until next time, shalom ✌🏾

Published by What Is Hebrewing

Israelite by bloodline, American by way of slavery, Alive by Yah’s Word!

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