Keep Up The Good Work Fam. You Made It Through 2 “Season Of The Witch” Holidays… 2 More To Go!

Shalom family! For some of you, this was your first year not celebrating Halloween, but you made it through with relative ease. Some of y’all however struggled a lil, and almost got pulled back into Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving festivities (no thanks to the enticement of your family & friends), but you stayed strong. And now… the biggest trap of the “Season of The Witch” is coming up next—Christmas/Saturnalia/Yuletide. Christmas: music, movies, food, lights, and all the other customs, traditions, and rituals, are powerfully alluring, and they will be EVERYWHERE from now until after Christmas is over. So it’s time to amp up your awareness & defense 😎. Remember Thanksgiving doesn’t have all of that extra Christmastime bait, that’s why many of us struggled the first year, we understand that Christmas is exponentially stronger, and know for certain that the spiritual attacks will increase, so let us encourage each other to stay the course. This walk… it ain’t for the weak, thankfully we ain’t the weak family:

“You are of Elohim, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.”‬‬

Yoḥanan Aleph (1 John)‬ ‭4‬:‭4‬ ‭TS2009
No matter if it’s called: “black/dark/evil magic,” or “white/bright/good magic”— It IS MAGIC. That’s what this Season of The Witch is fueled by, whether you believe it or not. Let us know & remember what Scripture says about magic, witchcraft, and sorcery: Leviticus 19:31 & 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:10-12; Revelation 21:7-8 & 22:14-15

Give this video a watch for some right-on-time encouragement! Yes, the video is a few years old, but it’s still a message for today:

A word of encouragement from Moreh Yoshiyahu Dauid

For those of you who don’t know, or still don’t see the bait & trappings of The Season of The Witch, I encourage you to watch this series for more info. Seriously, set aside some of your social media/tv time, and watch this whole series to the end, it will be worth your time and attention:

Click play, and then click on “YouTube” and it will open the playlist in YouTube.

Also, don’t just believe us Israelites when we say, “Christmas ain’t our culture fam… leave it to the Pagans”, hear it from a bonafide Pagan, who aims to reclaim her/their culture & festivals with a smile but full seriousness:

This is another one of those videos which YouTube has blocked… I wonder why 🙃 give it a watch, she speaks the truth about her heritage, and she manages to add a sprinkle of in-your-face racism😏😒

We are coming out of the daze of these pagan helladays/helladaze, and to that, all I can say is—HalleluYAH! I’ll also post the playlist (one more time), which shines light on all of these so-called holidays:

Click play, and then click on “YouTube” and it will open the playlist in YouTube. Then you can skip straight to the Christmas videos & documentaries.

Again family, stay encouraged and keep up the good work by avoiding the temptations, bait & traps of this year’s Season of The Witch. You are NOT alone, even if you feel alone. I can especially sympathize with you if you are the only one in your friend & family group who is not celebrating these pagan days while keeping YAH’s holy days… still, allow me to say it to you again: You are NOT alone! Many of us are also going thru it: the isolation, the ridicule, the pressure, the questions, etc… We are scattered amongst the nations, and we gotta deal with a lot of mess, but we must never forget: WE are in this thang together! And more importantly still, we are on YAH’s side, and He sees and cares for us. So I’ll leave you with this family, let us read & meditate on these passages below:

“Let the words of my (our) mouth and the meditation of my (our) heart Be pleasing before You, O יהוה (YAH), my (our) rock and my redeemer.”

Tehillim (Psalms)‬ ‭19‬:‭14‬ ‭TS2009‬‬

“Cast your burden on יהוה (YAH), And let Him sustain you; He NEVER allows the righteous to be shaken.”‬‬

Tehillim (Psalms)‬ ‭55‬:‭22‬ ‭TS2009

“For the rest, my brothers (and y’all too sistas), BE STRONG in the Master and in the mightiness of His strength. Put on the complete armour of Elohim, for you to have power to stand against the schemes of the devil. Because we do NOT wrestle against flesh and blood, BUT against principalities, against authorities, against the world-rulers of the DARKNESS of this age, against SPIRITUAL matters of wickedness in the heavenlies. Because of this, take up the complete armour of Elohim, so that you have POWER TO WITHSTAND in the WICKED day, and having done all, to stand. STAND, then, having girded your waist with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having fitted your feet with the preparation of the Good News of peace (shalom); above all, having taken up the shield of belief with which you shall have power to quench all the burning arrows of the wicked one. Take also the helmet of deliverance, and the sword of The Spirit (of YAH), which is the Word of Elohim, praying at ALL times, with ALL prayer and supplication in THE SPIRIT (of YAH), watching in ALL perseverance and supplication for all the set-apart (holy) ones; also for me, that a word might be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to be bold in making known the secret of the Good News, for which I am an envoy in chains, that in it I might speak boldly, as I should speak. Peace (Shalom) to the brothers (and sistas), and love, with belief, from Elohim the Father and the Master יהושע (Yahoshua) Messiah. Favour be with all those who love our Master יהושע Messiah, undecayingly! Amĕn.”

‭‭Eph`siyim (Ephesians)‬ ‭6‬:‭10‬-‭20‬, ‭23‬-‭24‬ ‭TS2009‬‬

Until next time, shalom ✌🏾

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