The Power & Impact Of OUR Music: so-called “Black Music”

I just saw this music video and it’s a good example of how music/art can be a force of positive change for our people. Continued prayers for the family and friends of Shanquella Robinson

Here are some songs that I found meaningful at key times of my life.

This song, more than any other song I can think of, proved to be one of those time-traveling songs for me. I awoke to the Truth of YAH & His Word in 2017, but in 2016, this song spoke to and for me… I remember reeling from the murder of Tamir Rice (and others), and the hopelessness which was made worse by the church which offered 1.) no real explanations to the questions of “why is this happening to us”, and 2.) no demand for vengeance or justice. This song was the bandaid I needed until the cure of The Truth was provided—HalleluYAH!
Here’s a song from my awakening year, that takes me back… It was a song that spoke to me as I was seeking further Scriptural Truth, the truth I’ve now found and continue to find—HalleluYAH!
And these next two songs were the types of songs I needed back in the day, but we didn’t have them. Prayerfully, they will help you or someone you might know today.
And here’s a playlist of some worship music

Here’s a link to an Apple Music playlist:

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10 thoughts on “The Power & Impact Of OUR Music: so-called “Black Music”

  1. I take the challenge achot I have alot to erase. I have already done a lot of getting rid of rap and some vulgar R&B. That wasnt so bad as giving up that Christmas music it was tough but its been 2 years no Hell a day music for me.💯🙏🏽

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    1. HalleluYAH! And yeah I hear you, Christmastime was my thang, and Christmas music was my jam… but it gets easier, plus we have some feast day music in the works too.

      Oh and by the way, I’m your ach/brotha, not your achot/sista.

      Shalom shalom and todah rabah for sharing.


  2. Shalom Yahrahn
    Great article.
    I play music, I’ve been influenced by it in my heathen days greatly.
    Lucifer was given all that skill. He has influenced the world with it, and me back in the day.
    King David knew the power of functional music as he help King Saul to ease his demons.
    At Sukott this past year I got to share and hear functional music with Yahs people. What a wonderful experience 😊
    I would so enjoy being a part of it more. As I shared a couple songs I wrote at Sukott.
    The experience was more fulfilling than the Dixieland Jazz band I’ve played in.
    Thanks for your continued work, it’s enjoyable and needed.

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    1. HalleluYAH! HalleluYAH! HalleluYAH! And keep it up, as you said playing unto YAH, with others who are seeking to worship Him in spirit and truth is fulfilling indeed. It was good to worship with you, and I still hate that we didn’t get to say farewell, but it’s good to see that you’re faring well.
      Shalom shalom


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