Those Who Twist The Scriptures By Removing The Context, Leave You With A CONNED text!

Proverbs 29:18 is one of the most misquoted Scripture verses; as always, I want you to read verses for yourself, and read them fully & slowly. Below, you will see a few of the common English translations, you will also see the Hebrew/English interlinear translation:

The green highlights the sufficient translations, the yellow highlights those which are insufficient

Now that you have read the verse for yourself, and you may remember hearing it quoted as such in church or by friends & family, but now I want you to compare the actual words of this verse with what you hear in the first 9 minutes of this video below:

Watch the 1st 9 minutes now, and then feel free to finish the rest of the video after you’re done reading the blog.

Now is the time when we must do all that we can to untwist the twisted doctrines we hear from those who twist the Scriptures. We must do all that we can to understand and be stable in the Scriptures… otherwise, just as Peter warns us, we will be led to our own destruction. Guard/Keep/Obey The Torah/Instruction of The Most High (aka “The Law”).

Let this example, how one verse (Proverbs 29:18) can so easily be twisted & taught worldwide, let it be a reminder, that we must know and understand The Scriptures for ourselves. Do not continue to walk blindly following those who are ignorant and/or unstable in teaching the Word of YAH! Obey/Keep His Torah/Instructions.

Bonus exercise: go over this verse again, word for word, and click on the number above each word/phrase, and test that against anyone who ever mentions this verse out of context. Click this link

Until next time, shalom ✌🏾

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