Anti-Shemitic Student Attacks 2 Shemitic Students; Then Attacks Arresting Police Officers

This blog will be nothing but excerpts from the Daily Mail article (linked below), which is about Sonia Rosing, a 22-year-old University of Kentucky student, who exposed herself as an Anti-Shemitic and abusive individual when she attacked two Shemitic students. If you have only been reading the headlines or watching clips, read below and also keep your eye out because there will certainly be more developments in the future. This is a different style of blog from me… why? Well, I am sharing this to encourage you the reader to call out racism against so-called Negroes, as not just racism, but antiShemitism. If you wonder how racism against Negroes is AntiShemitic, you can check these other blogs out as well.

Again, the below quotes are excerpts from this article:
“During her rampage, Rosing told University of Kentucky police officers that she gets 'special treatment' because she has 'lots of money', according to WKYT. 
She 'kicked and bit' officers as they tried to place her under arrest, according to court documents.
Rosing had bragged to fellow students the year before the vile racist incident, saying 'I'm rich as f*** and you're obviously not'.
But can reveal that she grew up in a modest three-bedroom and two-bathroom family property in Fort Mitchell with her parents and siblings. 
Meanwhile, Rosing herself has been fired by fashion brand Dillard's for her outburst. 
She was part of the Campus Collective Program, with a Dillard's spokesperson saying: 'Dillard's does not condone this behavior. Her relationship with Dillard's has been terminated immediately.'
Video of the attack showed Rosing, who is white, calling Spring a 'n***** b***' as the front desk clerk tried to restrain her and prevent her from getting into an elevator.
'Could you stop please?' Spring asked Rosing after she managed to escape Spring's grasp.
'Nope,' Rosing responded, before Spring tried to grab her again. Rosing then continued to repeat the racial slur, causing Spring to say: 'Ooh Jesus, I do not get paid enough for this.'
'Exactly and you're a n***** and you're a b****,' Rosing responded several times before a voice off-camera told Spring: 'I've got this all on video.'
Spring said: 'I worked a shift tonight where  was assaulted and called a n*****, and someone said other racial slurs towards me.
'It is a part of our job that if we see a student that's like very drunk, we are to call an RA to... write a report.
'So I reach my head out of the desk area, and I ask the girl 'Are you OK?'' Spring recounted, 'and she stared at me and started to call me a n*****.'
At that point Spring called the RA and tried to prevent Rosing from entering the elevator, to wait for someone to arrive to help. 
She added: 'And so I jumped in, I tried to move her off to the side, and she just kept going 'No n*****, you're a b****, you're a n*****, do my chores b****.
'And she kept doing that as I was trying to sit her down.'
Spring said that is when Rosing kicked her in the stomach, tried to run her over with a shopping cart that was in the lobby and bit her friend.
In an email to students following the altercation, President Eli Capilouto said Spring 'acted with professionalism, restraint and discretion.'
He noted that the school's Office of Student Conduct has launched an immediate review of the assault, and that its Student Success teams 'are reaching out to the student victims who were subject to this behavior to offer support.'
It added: 'To be clear: We condemn this behavior and will not tolerate it under any circumstances,' he said, as he vowed to update students with more information as it becomes available.”

If you find yourself excusing or feeling sorry for the anti-Shemitic, attacker Sophia Rosing, or saying things like “It was probably the alcohol talking”, check out this other article:

Until next time, shalom ✌🏾

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