Happy New Year Blessings! Yes, Now In The Springtime! Renewed Year, Renewed Understanding!

As I said in the other two blogs which are linked below, the seasons themselves let us know what time it is… The Year renews, not in the dead of winter, but in the newness of Springtime:

In that last blog, I ended with a link to our calendar according to The Most High; we have days & months which are numbered & controlled by Him, no matter what men (especially men of gentile nations), say or what they call them. Just so it’s said here again — We are NOT Pagans; We are Israelites; We follow the Torah/Instruction of our Father! He gave us our calendar & our 7 day-week. Pagan gentiles gave us other names for the days & months which we know & use today, most of which pertain to praising & honoring their pagan gods & leaders (this might be old news to some of your Israelites, but guess what, it’s really old news literally, but it still might be new to some):

As always, don’t believe me, research for yourself, by yourself. Check each of the days of the week & the months along with the corresponding pagan god that you read above, and you will see how the pagans worshiped and honored them on their days & in their months — it ain’t our culture fam!

Now, you might be wondering, what about the last few months? Their names simply correspond to Roman/Latin numbers:

“The months from September to December were named in the order of appearance on the calendar. Since there were only 10 months on the (their pagan) calendar initially, they were numbered from 7 to 10.

January and February were added later, thus giving us a total of 12 months.” 


So, the question (of course) is, what did our Israelite ancestors call the days & months before the pagans gave us their names?

Our months of the year (like the days of the week), were also only called by their number originally. As you continue to read the Scriptures this year, pay attention, and you will see the numbers of the days & months for yourself. Yes, you will also see Babylonian names for some of the months in The Scriptures in the books which follow after “the Books of Moses”, but know that some of those names weren’t used by our ancestors until Babylonian captivity… go figure, right? Much like how we have been made to use pagan names for the days & months of the year, all thanks to our more recent babbling captors.

As we look forward to the day, when HaMashiach/The Messiah sets the records straight again, we have to continue in Babylon, hearing & using these pagan days & months, it is what it is, but we are returning to YAH’s truth, and here’s to another year of growing closer in unity to Him together #Echad! So let us concentrate on the good/functional/tov! And let us enjoy & celebrate another year of life, as we begin our 1st month of the year with hearts of gratitude & praise! May this first month of the year/Abib be great. May YAH be pleased with the words of our mouths & meditations of our hearts during His springtime feasts. And may YAH be with you & your households every single day of this new year! HalleluYAH! HalleluYAH! HalleluYAH! Amen.

Until next time, shalom ✌🏾

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