Hanukkah Is NOT Our…

In the last 3 blogs, we went over what The Feast of Hanukkah is, what hanukkah/dedication was for our ancestors, and what it means for us as Israelites today to live out all of our days in hanukkah to YAH. For some of you reading, it may have been your first year celebrating Hanukkah, whileContinue reading “Hanukkah Is NOT Our…”

Happy Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread

If you have never kept “The Feast”, or you want to know more about Passover/Pesach & The Feast of Unleavened Bread, do your soul a favor and look into it for yourself—today! Don’t rely on your opinion of The Feast or your best-guess-understandings, don’t just go off your memory or traditions you learned from yourContinue reading “Happy Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread”