Memorial Day! Let us remember…

Shalom y’all, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and it will be a couple more weeks before I’m back on schedule. Not only has a lot been going on in the world these last few weeks, but my family has also been busy. We’ve been on the road quite a bit, and we haveContinue reading “Memorial Day! Let us remember…”

7 Year Old Video DETAILS How & Why We See Ukrainian-Russian Conflict Today.

If you have been wondering why is all this happening, in the secular sense (we understand why spiritually, we who believe in the prophecies of Scripture, we see Gog & Magog doing their thang), but if you want some background info on how Europe got to this point, give this most interesting and candid lectureContinue reading “7 Year Old Video DETAILS How & Why We See Ukrainian-Russian Conflict Today.”

Wars & rumors of wars… Read Luke 21.

FYSA, For your situational awareness, not for you to fear, but for you see and know the times in which we are living. Last night while we were out, I got a notification that the state department ordered the evacuation of families in the Ukraine. Well… we get home sit down to watch tv andContinue reading “Wars & rumors of wars… Read Luke 21.”