Wars & rumors of wars… Read Luke 21.

FYSA, For your situational awareness, not for you to fear, but for you see and know the times in which we are living.

Last night while we were out, I got a notification that the state department ordered the evacuation of families in the Ukraine.

Well… we get home sit down to watch tv and I see this video pop up on YouTube, it was made a couple of days ago. So we sat around and watched it while just shaking our heads… war & rumors of war just like HaMashiach said. Wars that will change the world.

I haven’t been tracking Russia too much lately, it is what it is… But you might remember me mentioning this (on Facebook years ago), before I got out of the AF, I was at a briefing in DC, where the top brass & Intel said to get our troops ready & ok with killing, because within 5-7 years we would be at war with a peer or near peer nation. Mind you, the US has not had a peer or near peer national war in decades… “the war on terrorism” was not a real war, we didn’t declare war on any nation, but rather against terrorists within nations, there is a difference. Anyway… at the briefing I attended, the General said there were 4 key peer/near peer nations which the US had interest in, those same 4 nations get named in this video.

This video is worth the watch because it’s a good overview for situational awareness… especially if you have been like me, you might not have been tracking Russia all that much until now, because frankly who cares 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣 heathens gonna heath… but it’s good to know what seems to be coming around the corner.

Whatever comes, Yah is in control and He told us wars & rumors would be another sign of the times.

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