Time To Look Past What Kanye Said & Did Not Say, Especially Considering What He Is NOT Doing.

Shalom y’all, we are back from celebrating the Biblical festival of Sukkot, and it was a great Sukkot indeed—HalleluYAH!

The last time we talked, right before Sukkot, we were talking about Kanye/Ye… While I was away from good internet, camping during Sukkot, Ye and all the media surrounding him grew even more. Wow… what a circus.

One of my brothas hit me up and dropped some “in other news” updates on me while I was away, and he was right. Ye, like many of these celebrities, ain’t for us. Let me explain… Just like when we were Christians, and we heard a star say “Jesus”, some of us Christians would say “Oh great they are with “us” now”, and it would turn out to be foolish, we are seeing the same kind of thing happen again & again with celebrities saying that “We are Hebrews/Israel”. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear the truth because, we so-called Negroes, are the Hebrew Israelites, and at the same time, it takes more than a declaration that you are an Israelite, to truly be an Israelite… It takes more than just the blood of Israel flowing through your veins, you must be a Torah-following, YAH-pleasing Israelite, to truly be an Israelite! We must never forget that we are known by the fruit which we bear, and if you don’t see the fruit of YAH’s spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) in those who say they are children of YAH, then true Israelites, they are not. You cannot truly be Israel, if you fail to patiently endure persecution in this world, while obeying the commandments of The Father, while maintaining your faith in The Son (Revelation 14:12).

“However, it is not as though God’s/YAH’s Word has failed [coming to nothing]. For not all who are descended from Israel (Jacob) are [the true] Israel;”

Romans‬ ‭9‬:‭6‬ ‭AMP‬‬

So, enough with Ye, Nick Cannon, and any other celebrity in the past or future who knows & openly says that “we are Israel”, while also acquiescing to the powers-that-be by, apologizing to them for so-called “hate speech” or “hurtful words”, or by saying that we are Jews “also/too/as well”, as if the non-Shemitic Ashkenazim are bloodline Israel—we both can’t be THE chosen people of YAH; one of us is, and the other is not (Revelation 2:9, 3:9-10). The truth is, we, the so-called Negroes, we the descendants of the survivors of the Arab and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades, we the people scattered amongst the nations worldwide, we the only people on earth who fit all of the curses of Deuteronomy 28, we the people who will live out the promises of Deuteronomy 30 – WE are the Israelites, not the so-called Israelis/Jews. These celebrities out here, won’t stand on those truths, and worse still, they are not yet obeying & declaring adherence to Torah/YAH’s instructions. So, until they love YAH, the way YAH says to love Him, they are not with us, because they have yet to get right with YAH. Always family, let us remember to test everything by Scripture… and don’t just believe me, test what I’m saying along with what everyone (no matter their celebrity), is saying, against Scripture:

“Beware of false prophets who come disguised as harmless sheep but are really vicious wolves. You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit. So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire. Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions. “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. On judgment day many will say to me, ‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.’ But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws (Torah).’”

Matthew‬ ‭7‬:‭15‬-‭23‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“And we can be sure that we know Him IF WE OBEY His commandments (found in Torah). If someone claims, “I know God/YAH,” but doesn’t obey God’s/YAH’s commandments, that person is a liar and is not living in the truth. But those who obey YAH’s Word (Torah/Instructions) truly show how completely they LOVE HIM. That is how we know we are living in Him.”

‭‭1 John‬ ‭2‬:‭3‬-‭5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Loving God/YAH means keeping His commandments, and His commandments are not burdensome.”

1 John‬ ‭5‬:‭3‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not even the smallest detail of God’s law (YAH’s Torah) will disappear until its purpose is achieved. So if you ignore the least commandment and teach others to do the same, you will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But anyone who obeys Torah and teaches Torah will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Matthew‬ ‭5‬:‭18‬-‭19‬ ‭NLT‬‬

“You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you, for he wrote, ‘These people honor ME with their lips, but their hearts are far from ME. Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God/YAH.’ ”

Matthew‬ ‭15‬:‭7‬-‭9‬ ‭NLT‬‬

So again, Ye said this & that, just like Nick Cannon said this & that, just like many others will do in the future; but let us always remember, it’s what they & we do that truly matters above all that they & we say and feel. I’ll leave you with some must-read verses from the final chapter of the Bible:

“And he said to me, “Do not seal the words of the prophecy of this book, because the time is near. “He who does wrong, let him do more wrong; he who is filthy, let him be more filthy; he who is righteous, let him be more righteous; he who is set-apart, let him be more set-apart. “And see, I am coming speedily, and My reward is with Me, to give to each according to his work. “I am the ‘Aleph’ and the ‘Taw’, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. “Blessed are those doing His commands, so that the authority shall be theirs unto the tree of life, and to enter through the gates into the city. “But outside are the dogs and those who enchant with drugs, and those who whore, and the murderers, and the idolaters, and all who love and do falsehood.”

Ḥazon (Revelation)‬ ‭22‬:‭10‬-‭15‬ ‭TS2009‬‬
I watched this video as a catch-up, I may end up watching the whole interview later, but I think I’ve heard enough, and I agree a lot with the sista towards the end starting at the 1:05:30 min mark

Until next time, shalom ✌🏾

P.S. update: Another right-on-time video. Moreh Yoshiyahu hits my points and many, many more points with greater emphasis in this week’s sermon.

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