How can you be labeled as being AntiSemitic if you question Jewish things like “The Holocaust”?

Why is it called THE Holocaust, when it’s not even a holocaust? Let’s check the definitions and etymology.

The Proof Is In The Treatment 😎. We are The Hebrew Israelites! And we have a responsibility–stay encouraged!

To some of us awakened Israelites, we might not see anything “major” to us, with these celebrity shakeups, but let us remember, there have already been a select few who are taking steps towards repenting unto YAH, ever since this worldwide info has gone out last month.

So, let us encourage ourselves as we continue to pray for awakening Israel. Especially because we know that as the seeds are being scattered, in smaller conversations, face-to-face and over phones, minds are being opened daily, to understanding Scripture and responsibility. Meanwhile, at the same time, our enemy stays grindin on his job… The weeds and birds will do their best to stop the seeds from growing, but YAH gives the increase—HalleluYAH!

Again, let us be encouraged as we pray for Israel worldwide. It’s a great time to be alive!

Time To Look Past What Kanye Said & Did Not Say, Especially Considering What He Is NOT Doing.

Shalom y’all, we are back from celebrating the Biblical festival of Sukkot, and it was a great Sukkot indeed—HalleluYAH! The last time we talked, right before Sukkot, we were talking about Kanye/Ye… While I was away from good internet, camping during Sukkot, Ye and all the media surrounding him grew even more. Wow… what aContinue reading “Time To Look Past What Kanye Said & Did Not Say, Especially Considering What He Is NOT Doing.”

For such a time as this… “Crazy” Kanye said what?!

So I’m a lil busy getting ready for Sukkot, but I glance down at my phone, and I see that Kanye has been busy these days, or at least the world has been busy talking about him. So I said, let me see for myself, what exactly is going on, and why is he beingContinue reading “For such a time as this… “Crazy” Kanye said what?!”