How can you be labeled as being AntiSemitic if you question Jewish things like “The Holocaust”?

We so-called Negroes are labeled as being AntiSemitic when we awaken to the truth of our heritage as Hebrew Israelites. As if we are the ones plagiarizing or infringing on the Ashkenazi Jews, when in actuality, it’s the other way around… but that’s not the point of this blog, so let us continue. When we Negroes speak about the verifiable facts that some Ashkenazi/European Jews owned the slave ships which transported our ancestors during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and some Ashkenazim sold our ancestors in slavery, we are labeled AntiSemitic. When we speak of inconsistencies with the number of Ashkenazim who suffered at the hands & hate of Nazis during The Holocaust, we are labeled as being AntiSemitic (hear me clearly, before we go any further, I am in no way denying the fact that the Holocaust was real and deplorably heinous, because it most definitely was).

I have a question for you, and it was a question that I first wondered to myself, so I did some quick googling for an answer, and I was surprised, and it may be surprising to you as well, but as I was saying, here is the question: What does the word Holocaust mean? The answer is not hard to find, so it’s time for us to do what we do once again, let’s look up the word and its origin shall we? Normally we start with the definitions of words in question, and then we look at the origins, but this time, let’s start with the origins, and then we can progress through the definitions, and hopefully, we can find out how the word holocaust is used to mean, what it means today:

So… according to Etymonline, the word “holocaust” directly comes from the Greek, literally meaning “a thing wholly burnt”, hmmm… Ok. Let’s continue:

Originally, it is somehow also a biblical word for “burnt offerings”. But the Bible was originally Hebrew, not Greek, hmmm… Perhaps that will come up later. So back to the review of the above, somehow, the word was later changed from a literal meaning to a figurative one, where holocaust means “massacre, or destruction of a large number of persons”, hmmm… got it, I guess. I mean… that’s how it’s used today right?… Even though it doesn’t connect with the origin, that’s fine right?… And before “holocaust” was used for “Hitler’s Jewish policies” the Hebrew word “Shoah” which means catastrophe was used, but somehow, according to what we read above) that’s “not as a proper name for them”… interesting. I would say that it was indeed a catastrophe, and that would make it a better word than holocaust, but never mind what I think right now, let us continue with the etymology:

So now we also get the origin of the misuse of the word holocaust, and it dates back to 1189, how does it say that it was used? Well… It was meant to be used, not as a “massacre, or destruction of a large number of persons” but instead closer to the original meaning, being “a sacrificial offering” of the Jews in London (pre-Hitler). Again, the word holocaust, was not meant to be used to mean (according to the modern misunderstanding of the word as referenced in the previous highlight above states as), a “massacre, or destruction of a large number of persons”. Again, he used it to mean a sacrificial offering… So, an offering, to whom? A sacrifice, for what? Hmmm… well, alright then, let’s check another source, shall we?

Ok, since it was made clear earlier, that the word holocaust has biblical connections, I’m glad to see a different source, actually looks at some Hebrew words & meanings. Quickly, let us check those Hebrew words by another source before we continue:

So what else is said about these holocausts/whole burnt offerings which were sacrificed up to heaven? What was sacrificed? Who did the Hebrews sacrifice to? Why did they sacrifice?

Ok, so after reading all of the above and checking the biblical verses for yourself, do you understand how and why “The Holocaust” which pertains to “Hitler’s Jewish Policies”, remains to be the word used by Ashkenazi Jews and the world? Do you have any idea why someone who says they are Hebrew, would want their people’s genocide to be considered as “a whole burnt offering”? No? Me either. Again, shoah/catastrophe is a much better word indeed, but I’m not alone in this understanding, let’s hear it from those in Jerusalem:

I agree with the reasoning, and I agree that my people also need to stop using Hellenistic/heathen terms to describe things that pertain to and belong to us (that’s a point I try to make in other blogs I’ve done, and others I plan to do in the future, YAH willing). Before moving on, let us always remember that we who speak English, speak a bastardized language (look it up) which steals a lot from Latin and Greek, of course:

I’ve digressed a lot, so let us get back to the misuse of the word holocaust. And let’s finally look at the modern meanings that the English word definers give us to, as we drive this blog home:

You know what? I think you can see it all by yourself, for yourself… If you’re not seeing it now, reread the above again, slower this time. And let’s cover one last point. After objection to using holocaust the way it’s commonly used today, let’s ironically use the “modern definition” for just a moment, ok? What made “The Holocaust”, THE Holocaust? As we saw above, the mention of 6 million European Jews, might be a reason… Is it “THE Holocaust” as opposed to “A holocaust” because of the horrifically large amount of people who were victimized? Did the numbers earn the title of “The” Holocaust? Perhaps… But haven’t there been other Holocausts? Haven’t there (unfortunately) been larger Holocausts?

What about King Leopold II of Belgium and his holocaust (or shall I say it like it was stated about Hitler’s holocaust above), Leopold’s African Policies? Have you heard about King Leopold? Do you recall the common estimated number of men, women, and children which Leopold murdered? Up to 15 Million. Yes, 15 million were murdered by way of “holocaust”. Now, it’s not a competition of evil, but 15 million should get mentioned at least as much as 6 million. Right? But why do we in the USA, hear so little about remembering “this Holocaust” especially as we hear about “The Holocaust” annually?

“Leopold and his demons weren’t alone in their devilment. They were enabled by the active support of 14 European nations ALONG WITH THE UNITED STATES when they co-signed his wickedness during the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 where Africa was sliced up like a pie by greedy white countries.”

Ok, that’s enough for now on this… I am pretty sure you see the reason why The USA remembers these two holocausts with disparity. Before we fully move towards closing this out, I want to encourage you to read the linked article above, and then do much more research on all of this, on your own.

So, in the future, as you continue to hear false claims and labeling of more Israelites (aka Negroes), as being anti-Semitic or holocaust-deniers, make sure that you at least bring up these things when you talk to people within your circles; each one, teach one. If we must continue hearing the erroneous usage of the word holocaust, let us also mention the “Holocausts” of our people, because our “destruction & slaughter” (as the modern meaning of holocaust was defined repeatedly above), continues still to this day. We were killed and we are still being killed worldwide, and the Ashkenazim that run American media corporations profit off our destruction, from our destructive music & movies, to our miseducation & ignorance of our national origin & responsibility; all of which keeps us as Israel mentally & spiritually destroyed. But HalleluYAH, we are living in the time of our reawakening, and we will awaken to who we are, and what we must do according to Deuteronomy 30.

I am curious, however, how long will it take for the powers-that-be, to change the definitions, again… only YAH knows. Subscribe, and perhaps we will talk more about this in the future.

Until next time, shalom ✌🏾

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Israelite by bloodline, American by way of slavery, Alive by Yah’s Word!

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