For more videos & documentaries which prove how Hebrew Israelites became Negroes check these playlists out

You have seen or heard of “Hebrews To Negroes” by now, well here is a collection of other videos & documentaries which use Scriptural & secular sources to prove the truth. What truth? The truth is that: We so-called Negroes are the Israelites!

How can you be labeled as being AntiSemitic if you question Jewish things like “The Holocaust”?

Why is it called THE Holocaust, when it’s not even a holocaust? Let’s check the definitions and etymology.

For Those Who Are Awakening To Who The Israelites Are, Here’s Why It Matters:

Over the past few years, the information about so-called Negroes/Blacks being bloodline Israelites has been increasing worldwide. What doesn’t get as much mention in the headlines is that Hebrew Israelites of the Bible were prophesied to be scattered among all the nations of the world, by way of captivity, just like The Messiah said:

Time To Look Past What Kanye Said & Did Not Say, Especially Considering What He Is NOT Doing.

Shalom y’all, we are back from celebrating the Biblical festival of Sukkot, and it was a great Sukkot indeed—HalleluYAH! The last time we talked, right before Sukkot, we were talking about Kanye/Ye… While I was away from good internet, camping during Sukkot, Ye and all the media surrounding him grew even more. Wow… what aContinue reading “Time To Look Past What Kanye Said & Did Not Say, Especially Considering What He Is NOT Doing.”

For such a time as this… “Crazy” Kanye said what?!

So I’m a lil busy getting ready for Sukkot, but I glance down at my phone, and I see that Kanye has been busy these days, or at least the world has been busy talking about him. So I said, let me see for myself, what exactly is going on, and why is he beingContinue reading “For such a time as this… “Crazy” Kanye said what?!”

It is impossible for me to be anti-Semetic, what about you?

Greetings again! Before we get into the subject at hand, let’s set the stage, as we do… We can, with relative ease, research to see the English language change pronunciations and definitions of words over time. So, once again, let us review the actual definitions of some often misused words that get thrown around andContinue reading “It is impossible for me to be anti-Semetic, what about you?”

What’s in a name of the people of The Most High, and what must they do

Picking up where we left off in the “What’s in a name” series, let’s finish up with what the Bible tells us about the people whom The Most High chose as His people, how we can identify them today, and what is required of them now.

Whoopi suspended from The View for 2 weeks, for saying “Holocaust was not about race…”

You’ve likely heard about Whoopi being suspended, but watch the full clip above first/again. I’m sure the ongoing discussions, explanations and apologies will continue, but it’s often best to see how things began. Be honest… Did you watch it fully? If not, do not continue reading until you have watched the clip in it’s entirety.Continue reading “Whoopi suspended from The View for 2 weeks, for saying “Holocaust was not about race…””