The Church Is Not The Only Circus In Town

In the last blog, we talked about what has been going on this week in Churchianity 😑, you can check it out here:

But Churchianity ain’t alone… Yes, we know that Popes, priests, and pastors stay on full display, but they aren’t the only ones up to no good. The other world religions are displaying their dysfunctional ways too. I’m sure by now, we’ve already seen enough about the so-called guru below, but if you don’t know what he’s been up to this week, here are a couple of quick clips 😑:

Yeah… all these religions are getting exposed by The Light, not just the church, but let’s shine some more light on this particular work of darkness. First of all, what in the world is a Dalai Lama?!? Let’s see a quick answer made for children:

Oh… so this pervert is supposed to be a spiritual & temporal world leader, and a pagan reincarnated avatar god… got it 😑

And what about his religion?

Ok… well…, it’s not my circus, so I have no responsibilities over the religious circus clowns & monkeys. But I will talk to my people, our yet-to-be-awakened family out there that might be caught up in Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other religious isms—family: get out while you still can, those isms & other world religions ain’t our culture! Leave paganism to pagans.

The Most High YAH is gracious, He continues to allow His people the time & opportunity to see these religions and their leaders for what they really are—dysfunctional & sinful. But His grace period is quickly ending. YAH would rather that none would perish, but the destruction of Torah-less/wicked people is coming; now is the time to come out of Babylon (the ways of this beast system & religions of the world), because time is almost up.

“For ALL nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her sexual immorality, and the kings of the earth have committed immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown rich from the power of her luxurious living.” Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, My people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues; for her sins are heaped high as heaven, and YAH has remembered her iniquities.”

Revelation‬ ‭18‬:‭3‬-‭5‬ ‭ESV‬‬

“The King is not slow to fulfill His promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. But the day of the King will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a roar, and the heavenly bodies will be burned up and dissolved, and the earth and the works that are done on it will be exposed.”

2 Peter‬ ‭3‬:‭9‬-‭10‬ ‭ESV‬‬

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