The ReEstablishment Of The Abominable United Kingdom & The Church of England

As The United Kingdom in Europe reestablished itself over the weekend, the coming reign of The Kingdom of Heaven draws one day closer. This coronation was the latest abomination of desolation, and it’s another sign of the times. What’s so abominable about Charles’ coronation? Let us review it, shall we…

The Church Is Not The Only Circus In Town

In the last blog, we talked about what has been going on this week in Churchianity 😑, you can check it out here: But Churchianity ain’t alone… Yes, we know that Popes, priests, and pastors stay on full display, but they aren’t the only ones up to no good. The other world religions are displayingContinue reading “The Church Is Not The Only Circus In Town”

When Easter Egg Hunts & Candy Ain’t Enough, Some Pastors Take Their Congregations All The Way To & Thru The Circus For Easter

If you have not yet seen one of the latest churchianity works of darkness from this past so-called Easter weekend, check out this summary video about the “cast & performance” 😑