We Should Be Thankful Everyday, Especially On The Days Of Thanksgiving Which Are Set For Us Biblically

Is it wrong to gather together, eat a meal with family & friends, and give thanks to Our Father? Of course not. We should especially do so, when & how the Bible say we should. Sadly, most churches tell people to skip the biblical thanksgiving festivals, and to instead keep the misleading Thanksgiving holiday of America, what’s that all about?​

What’s in a name of a continent, a nation… a home?

Screenshot from the Negro Land map:https://exhibits.stanford.edu/maps-of-africa/catalog/mn533bd1896 Shalom, it’s been longer than I intended, I hope you’re doing well. Let us pick up where we left off, right back to talking about the so-called “Black people”: where they were taken captive from, and what they were called before they were merely renamed as nothing more thanContinue reading “What’s in a name of a continent, a nation… a home?”