7 Year Old Video DETAILS How & Why We See Ukrainian-Russian Conflict Today.

If you have been wondering why is all this happening, in the secular sense (we understand why spiritually, we who believe in the prophecies of Scripture, we see Gog & Magog doing their thang), but if you want some background info on how Europe got to this point, give this most interesting and candid lectureContinue reading “7 Year Old Video DETAILS How & Why We See Ukrainian-Russian Conflict Today.”

What’s in a name of a continent, a nation… a home?

Screenshot from the Negro Land map:https://exhibits.stanford.edu/maps-of-africa/catalog/mn533bd1896 Shalom, it’s been longer than I intended, I hope you’re doing well. Let us pick up where we left off, right back to talking about the so-called “Black people”: where they were taken captive from, and what they were called before they were merely renamed as nothing more thanContinue reading “What’s in a name of a continent, a nation… a home?”

What’s in the name of…

So let us pick up where we left off, with more simple word definitions. What does the word “history” mean? History /ˈhɪst(ə)ri /▸ noun1 [mass noun] the study of past events, particularly in human affairs:▪the past considered as a whole:2 the whole series of past events connected with a particular person or thing: — OxfordContinue reading “What’s in the name of…”

What’s in a…

The exact Shakespearean quote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” We can certainly understand the point of that famous question and reasoning, but to truly say that names are nothing more than just arbitrary labels, well… that is a lie. It’s aContinue reading “What’s in a…”

Whoopi suspended from The View for 2 weeks, for saying “Holocaust was not about race…”

You’ve likely heard about Whoopi being suspended, but watch the full clip above first/again. I’m sure the ongoing discussions, explanations and apologies will continue, but it’s often best to see how things began. Be honest… Did you watch it fully? If not, do not continue reading until you have watched the clip in it’s entirety.Continue reading “Whoopi suspended from The View for 2 weeks, for saying “Holocaust was not about race…””

Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, so stay Alert to spiritual attacks

After you watch this video, pray for this young sista’s family & friends, who now have to go on living and struggling without her😔 and pray for shalom, considering that they will likely have unanswerable questions for the rest of their lives.

Wars & rumors of wars… Read Luke 21.

FYSA, For your situational awareness, not for you to fear, but for you see and know the times in which we are living. Last night while we were out, I got a notification that the state department ordered the evacuation of families in the Ukraine. Well… we get home sit down to watch tv andContinue reading “Wars & rumors of wars… Read Luke 21.”

What can’t be beat…

“They’ll kick you, then they’ll beat youThen they’ll tell you it’s fair” — Michael Jackson “Beat It” Every year, we see a major headlining story, capturing how yet another one of our unarmed youth is: beaten; shot; or murdered by the police, the arm of the (in)justice system For generations we have had to haveContinue reading “What can’t be beat…”